Я — Свиборг. Вы будете ассенизированы. Сопротивление бесполезно.
Hello A., this is K.,
The voice within your brain.
I came all the long way home
To drive you insane.

Take a trip to rifle-land,
Spend time at bullet-plaza.
It is just the best place to be
For blasts into eternity.

Hello A., this is K.,
The man inside your brain.
I'll talk to you until you burst
And she's the one to find you first.

Blow your brains, count to eleven,
This is Suicide Apartment 47.
Blow your brains and close the door,
This is Suicide Apartment 44.

Oh concrete, concrete on the wall,
Will he resist or will he fall?
The wallpaper, once your nice dress,
Will turn into a bloody mess.
Oh carpet, carpet on the floor,
You'll surely miss his feet.
Please move your ass outside that door,
We're playing "trick or treat".

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